TransPacific Certification


moving towards the Certification


Step 1

Down payment RM500 via cheque or inter transfer as confirmation fee


Step 2

Consultant arrange visit to client's premise


Step 3

Consultant prepare Documentation and handover to client


Step 4

Client Implementation, Certification Process and Certificate Issuance


Step 5

Quarterly Public Training – free 2 pax

(Consist 4 half day modules at our PJ Training Centre)




Important Note


*Public training schedule will be issued after 1st down payment


*2nd payment - Upon completion of Step 3 (Documentation) RM 5500


*3rd payment - Upon completion of Step 4 (certificate issuance) RM 4300


*Client required to follow procedures prepared by Consultant to carry out the implementation


*We will prepare the 1st year internal audit and Management Review Meeting Minute


*Client can either call, watapps or email if there is difficulty in implementing the System


*Additional site visit can be arranged ( upon required )


*No GST / other hiding Cost




1.All consultancy handover services shall be conducted at client premises. Public Training schedule and venue shall be base at TPC arranged training center in Petaling Jaya..


2.TransPacific Certification (TPC) is bound to keep confidential all client materials and information received in the course of this project, and not to release identifiable data on the client’s activities without prior permission of the client. Likewise the client shall not distribute or make public documents or information received from TPC without its prior consent.


3.TPC have the rights to terminate the project if found any discrepancy, illegal activities and any activities that do not comply with Government’s act even after the proposal project been signed.


4.The implementation of the recommendations shall be the responsibility of the client's organization. TPC consultant(s) shall provide advised in the implementation.


5.The item (terms and condition, payment scheme, fees, etc) in the project proposal must be mutually agreed by both parties. Any request for modifications or changes on the item, must be submitted in written form to the other parties and the modification or changes on the item shall be agreed by both parties.


6.Termination of project by Client at any time, condition and or for whatever reason must be in written form to TPC. In any case, all outstanding invoices (referring to all completed consultancy and training modules/stages) by TPC shall be settled in full by client.


7.There is no assurance from TPC that the unpredictable improvements will be realized, since the unforeseen variables beyond its sphere of control may arise during the execution of the project.


8. TPC will select the appropriate Certification Body to perform audit.